MacBook Repair Colchester

From broken screens to liquid damage, we fix it all. The first Apple repair store in Colchester, Mac Repair Store was established in 2003. Our Apple Certified technicians can repair your broken screen or liquid damaged iMac or MacBook, no matter how damaged they may appear. Resolving graphic issues are another of our specialties. We can repair or replace the Graphic Processor Unit (GPU) using our specialist know-how and equipment, then back it with our guarantee.


Mac Repair Colchester

We've Fixed It All.

 In our many years repairing Mac's all over Essex, we've seen it all and we've repaired them all. Not all issues are caused by accidental damage either. Almost every model of iMac and MacBook left the factory with an inherent design flaw that leads to issues for the user in the following years. No matter the issue you are having, we can diagnose it and suggest the appropriate repair. 

Mac not booting to logon screen or freezes after logon screen. Normally caused by a recent update that hasn't installed correctly or the internal storage becoming full. A folder with a '?' appearing means the internal storage may be faulty.

iMac not powering up. Normally caused by a faulty power supply. On a MacBook its anything from a faulty charger, battery or logicboard.

No image on screen. On an iMac this could be the GPU or RAM. On a MacBook either RAM, a cracked screen or a fault with the cable that sends the graphics signal from the GPU to the screen, this is a known design fault. No matter the cause, we can fix it.

MacBook keyboard or trackpad not working. Often caused by liquid spillage however it can also be the trackpad controller unit which is a relatively easy fix. If the keys are falling off, this is a design flaw of the 'Butterfly Keyboard' that Apple re-designed after many complaints. If the keys have fallen off, don't respond to your inputs, or need to be pressed harder than usual, We can fit the newer keyboard on these models to solve all these problems.

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mac wifi repair colcheser


Can't connect your MacBook to your WiFi, or your iMac to your Magic Mouse? Internal WiFi hardware and antenna's can fail. We can replace these quickly to get you connected again.

macbook repair colchester
mac not booting colchester


We can get your software working, whether it be Apple, Microsoft, Adobe or anything else. We can also get your Mac upgraded to the latest Apple OS. Perhaps you're having issues logging on, starting the OS or you're running out of space. No matter the problem, we're the answer.

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mac overheating colchester


MacBook's and iMac's can overheat for a number or different reasons. Dust can build up inside the Mac which reduces effectiveness of the cooling system. Normally cleaning will fix this, otherwise we can replace fans and other cooling components. GPU issues and even software can cause overheating too. Our certified technicians can run diagnostics to find the cause and put things right.

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mac no power colchester


iMac's and MacBook's can often suffer power problems. Either not powering on, or cutting out whilst on. Fixes can be as simple as a power supply or Logicboard repair.

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liquid damage repair mac


We repair any physical damage. Broken MacBook or iMac Screen, iMac hinge sagging, MacBook hinge not supporting the screen or broken off completely, cracked trackpad, bent or punctured chassis. We've access to all the genuine parts to make your Mac look like new again.

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macbook repair colchester


We deal with all manner of cloud storage and backup solutions for the Mac. iCloud not syncing to your devices or perhaps you require a cloud backup solution to have a safe backup of your files. iCloud is a great sync tool, but it's not a backup solution. We can help you.

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mac virus colchester


Mac's get viruses too! If your web page keeps redirecting elsewhere, you're getting pop-ups, web pages loading slow or perhaps you just want a health check. Our certified technicians know Apple's OS inside-out.

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mac graphics repair colchester


Unfortunately, GPU failures are common with higher-powered MacBook's and iMac's. We have the expertise and specialist equipment to repair and/or replace the faulty GPU chip on the Logicboard of your beloved Mac.

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Is your Mac running slow? We can speed it up with a simple clean up. Need more? iMac's can have their RAM upgraded which will help after years of OS updates and general use. Do you have a HDD or Fusion Drive? Ditch the slow storage and replace with an SSD (Solid State Storage) SSD's are up to 4x faster than traditional storage and can transform your iMac!


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